About Us

Late Hanumant Mahagade and Mr Vijay Kasurde had come to Mumbai for jobs. After securing a position in Mumbai, they were blessed the support of Hari Bhakt Parayan Dattatray Maharaj Kalambe. He was a great Karmayogi. Taking inspiration from him, both Hanumat and Vijay decided to do something for the society, and hence they started voluntarily helping people who came to Mumbai for medical treatment. In 1992, Mr Vijay Kasurde met Hari Bhakt Parayan Shri Pandurang Maharaj Ghule, Founder of Shri Gatha Temple Dehu (Pune).

In 1992 Shri Vijay Kasurde, went walking on foot to pilgrimage with Hari Bhakt Parayan Shri Pandurang Maharaj Ghule. While walking on foot with pilgrims, he came to know some significant hurdles pilgrims faced due to rainy weather.

Before 1993 pilgrim tour, Mr Vijay Karurde took some valuable inputs from Hari Bhakt Parayan Ghule Maharaj and also had brief discussions with Late Shri Mahagade on the issues faced by the pilgrims while walking on foot and made arrangements to accompany the pilgrims with

some free medical aid. Late Shri Mahagade and Shri Suresh Mankumte joined the pilgrim tour and were accompanied by Dr Sangita Mohite and her husband Dr Deepak Mohite voluntarily.Hari Bhakt Parayan Rangnath Hande was also present at that time for his voluntary contribution.

After returning to Mumbai, they decided to prepare for 1994 from the previous year’s experience. Late Mr Mahagade had precise discussions with Mr Deepak Mohite on how many medical supplies would be needed for the pilgrim tour of and also for the span of 15 days. They also discussed how medical teams could be made and deployed at different stages of the journey.

In 1996, in addition to the medical team deployments, Mr Anant Mohite took help from Food and Drug Administration Maharashtra State Mumbai and stocked up enough medicines and formed many such medical teams under the guidance of Dr Sangita Mohite and made the pilgrim tour more successful.

In 1995, he studied all the required the free medical assistance needs for the pilgrim tour and made all the necessary arrangements for the pilgrim tour very successfully. In the meantime, Dr Sunil Halurkar, Dr Pradip Patil and his colleagues, who joined the pilgrim tour voluntarily. From then the social work started getting better day by day. For now, the organisation had been only working on medical assistance required while on pilgrim tours but in 1996 the organisation was named as Vaishnav Charitable and Medical Trust, Mumbai in the office of the Charity Commissioner and from then free medical assistance camps started for the whole year. Under the guidance of Mr Jadhav & Mr Padhye from Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, security and water supply work was taken up voluntarily by the trustees and activists of the trust.

In addition to this, activists from the trust also took part in the functions conducted by the Mumbadevi Temple for the whole year.

The trusts also made arrangements near Shri Siddhivinayak Temple to manage the security, shoe parking sections and ambulance services for free.

During the beginning of Ashadi Pilgrim(Vari), Mr Shedge also made food arrangements for our medical assistance teams and then the trust worked under the guidance of Mr Kadam and Mr Pore for the work enhancement of the trust.

In the beginning, trust did not have an ambulance, and that is when Vishal Junnar Sahakari Trust helped the trust with their ambulance utterly free of cost considering our work for the society. However, that was not enough for the medical assistance needed for the pilgrim tour. The trust started looking for a solution to tackle this issue and met Mr Prabhakar Kombekar from Shivpratap Friends Group and requested them for an ambulance. Mr Kombekar also helped the trust with an ambulance utterly free cost for the period of pilgrim tour. After a time, due to some technical difficulties, that ambulance was discontinued, and then we requested Dyaneshwar Bhai Wangde the founder of Shiv Sahyadri Credit Society for their ambulance for the pilgrim tour period, and he agreed to lend us the ambulance at no cost immediately. Since then their ambulances have been accompanying our medical assistance teams to pilgrim tours utterly free of charge till date.

Further in 2008, Sanathan Dharma Sanstha Chembur, we received an ambulance as a donation.

Mr Shivkumar & Mr Captain Garg, a social worker helped us a lot in this regard. Later in 2008, after many efforts taken by Mr Pore & Mr Kadam, we received a big size ambulance manufactured by Tata through Mr Jagannath Shinde, Director of Mumbai. Slowly and Steadily trust started gaining stability.

Our trust neither had an office nor did we have a warehouse to store medical supplies. Considering this Hari Bhakt Parayan Pandurang Maharaj Ghule helped us with a 1200 square feet space at their Dehu Shri Agatha Temple. Meanwhile after many efforts from Mr Pore, his Daughter Mrs Sarika Kangralkar, and Mr Rakesh Thavani, the trust received an office from the reserved funds from Sardar Tara Singh’s MLA reserved fund. This gave a massive boom to the trust’s social work.

With the help we received from Dr Sunil Harulkar, Sushma, Dr More & Dr Karpe, we have been very successful in giving free health care and medical assistance at the following locations:

1. Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Bhulabai Desai Road, Every Friday Morning 8 to Afternoon 12

2. M P L Compound Tardeo, Every Friday Afternoon 3 to Evening 5

3. Shri Siddhivinayak Temple, Prabhadevi, Every Tuesday Afternoon 3 to Evening 6

4. Shri Mumbadevi Temple, Zaveri Bazar Mumbai, Every Saturday Morning 7 to 10.

5. Madhuram Charitable Trust Ashram School, Mangao Neral, Free Medical Checkup & Aid for 450 Students

6. Shri Kshetra, Shree Gatha Temple Clinic, Every Wednesday Afternoon 1 to Evening 5, Free Ayurvedic Clinic By Dr Deshmukh

List of Trustees while the establishment of the Trust was made in 1996 till 2004:

Vijay Shripati Kasurde

Suresh L Mankumare

V. D. Kadam

Vilas Yewale

Deepak Shankar Mohite

Shivram Gawade

Rajendra Dinkar Kalambe

Hanumantrao Sakpal

Dr Gaurishankar M. Ghorpade

Late. Harish Shankar Dhanavade

Late. Hanumant Anand Mahangade

Late. Anant Mukund Mohite

Late Mr Madhukar Pandurang Pore

Trustees active on board from 2004 till date:

Vijay Shripati Kasurde, President

V. D. Kadam,Vice President

Suresh L Mankusare

Prabhakar S Kombekar

Dr Sunil D Halurkar

Shriram Khashaba Nalawade

Adv Dadasaheb T Kharmate

Dr Pradip D Patil

Sandip B Gawade

Ashok C Aher

Other Trusts who have helped Vaishnav Charitable and Medical trust till date with free medical supplies, ambulance services from Mumbai, Pune & Nashik

Non-Survivor Trustees